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In the mid-90s Patricia Wells, in an article on the Herald Tribune, gave to Cibrèo at the eighth place in her personal hit parade of the best casual restaurants in the world.

Faith Willinger, author of many of the best known books on Italian cuisine published in the United States and a regular contributor to the Gourmet Magazine, still name it as her favourite restaurant in Italy.

The magazine Wine Spectator, in its October 2004 issue, dedicated a wonderful five-page article (by Bruce Schoenfeld) to the Cibrèo, also stating that Fabio Picchi is “ the best chef in the world when it comes to tripe”: and for Fabio this is praise enough to last for a lifetime through.

In November 2012 the Financial Times, with an article by Nicholas Lander, mentions the Cibrèo among the 25 best restaurants in the world.

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