Our menus follow in principle the turning of the seasons: they may seem static, but they actually move from winter, to spring, summer and fall and change every month, every week and every day

—Fabio Picchi

Cibrèo Ristorante since 1979

By the rhythm of the seasons

Every day the staff of the Cibrèo will bid you a warm welcome and gladly recite and explain our menus for you.

Food never stays the same, as also does time or the earth with its fruit: it moves and changes constantly.
Good chefs harbour in their hearth the knowledge gathered in thousands of years and have the ability to travel to the future in order to make the better out of it.
In spring, when daylight lasts longer, you’ll find us seasoning thistle with lemon, oil and a shade of black pepper; in summer we will navigate in a sea of tomato sauce, while in autumn we will slice dried figs to accompany or creamy desserts and shortbreads. And we shall not fear the winter chill, as cabbage, garlic and our gravies will be our flue remedy.

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