Life is like a market place crowded with wonderful people.

—Fabio Picchi

Cibrèo Caffè

Always something tasty

The doors of Cibrèo Caffè are always open, from morning to night, as a safe port where anyone can land and be captured by the scent of hot coffee and freshly backed croissant or discover the tiny appetizers offered by our delicacy shop and the “better meat I’ve ever tasted in all my life. From steaks, to tartare meat, the roast beef by Aldo Zivieri or the ‘pomarola’ and the other sauces made by my mother.” (Fabio Picchi).

You may also have flat bread and flat bread sandwiches filled with hand-cut ham or enjoy other delicious treats like bread morsels with our Florentine liver pâté, yoghurt puddings with oil, lemon and turmeric or tomato, oil and basil.
Our Tuscan Club Sandwich with roast beef will become your personal madeleine cake.

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